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Disturbance Indicator

File Identifier: 8BD96F33-AC09-4CFE-A9BC-A4BD079C1888
Metadata Language: English
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Resource Type: Service
Responsible Party:
Individual Name: Ulrike Kleeberg
Organisation Name: HZG Helmholtz-Zentrum Geesthacht
Role: Point Of Contact
Contact Info:
E-Mail Address: ulrike.kleeberg@hzg.de
Responsible Party:
Individual Name: Rabea Diekmann
Organisation Name: Thünen Institut
Role: Point Of Contact
Contact Info:
Voice: +49 40 38905 135
Delivery Point: Palmaille 9
City: Hamburg
Postal Code: 22767
Country: DE
E-Mail Address: Rabea.Diekmann@ti.bund.de
Metadata Date: 2015-09-16
Metadata Standard Name: INSPIRE Metadata Implementing Rules: Technical Guidelines based on EN ISO 19115 and EN ISO 19119
Metadata Standard Version: V. 1.2
Service Identification
Abstract: In the German EEZ of the North Sea, we distinguished ten benthic communities and six international fishing fleets(averaged over the years 2005-2008). From this we produced spatially explicit estimates of benthic disturbance, which was computed as theratio between relative local mortality by benthic trawling and the recovery potential after a trawl event. Results showed great differences in spatial patterns of benthic disturbance when accounting for different environmental impacts of the respective fleets.Here, the so-called weighted DI is shown, where the largest impact to the searfloor is assigned to large beam trawlers, targeting flatfish,mainly sole.
Purpose: The map illustrates the Disturbance Indicator (DI) of benthic infaunal communities in relation to local fishing pressure. The disturbance indicator is the ratio between mortality induced by a fishing métier and the recovery potential of the prevailing community.
Browse Graphic: https://coastmap.hzg.de/server/rest/directories/thumbs/TI_disturbance_27012015.jpg
Browse Graphic Type: JPG
Browse Graphic Caption: The map illustrates the benthic disturbance (DI)
Title: Disturbance Indicator
Date: 2015-06-01
Date Type: Creation Date
Identifier: 8BD96F33-AC09-4CFE-A9BC-A4BD079C1888-DI
Individual Name: Rabea Diekmann
Organisation Name: Thünen Institut
Role: Principal Investigator
Contact Info:
E-Mail Address: Rabea.Diekmann@ti.bund.de
Point Of Contact:
Individual Name: Rabea Diekmann
Organisation Name: Thünen Institut
Role: Processor
Contact Info:
E-Mail Address: Rabea.Diekmann@ti.bund.de
Keyword Collection:
Keyword: fishery
Keyword: TI
Keyword: NOAH
Keyword: pressureKey5
Keyword: Disturbance Indicator
Keyword: Live Data and Maps
Service Type: ESRI ArcGIS Mapping Service
West Bounding Longitude: 3.3
East Bounding Longitude: 9
North Bounding Latitude: 55.95
South Bounding Latitude: 53.5
Constraints: The DI is a theoretical approach to the quantification of the risk of benthic trawling. We used a static infaunal community distribution described by Rachor and Nehmer (2003) and built on a previous study by Fock et al. (2011) and references therein, describing the relationships between mortality due to benthic trawling, recovery time and recovery frequency for each community in relation to the typical sediment category inhabited.
Legal Constraints:
Access Constraints: Restricted
Use Constraints: Restricted
Other Constraints: not to be used without prior consultation of the point of contact
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Format Name: ArcGIS Service
Format Version: 10.2.1
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URL: https://coastmap.hzg.de/server/rest/services/NOAH_geoDB/TI_disturbance/MapServer
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Function: Information
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URL: https://coastmap.hzg.de/server/services/NOAH_geoDB/TI_disturbance/MapServer/WMSServer?
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Function: Information
Scope: Dataset
Conformance Result:
Validation Performed: true
Title: INSPIRE Directive 2007/2/EC
Date: 2007-03-14
Date Type: Publication Date
Lineage: Benthic infaunal communities in relation to local fishing pressure
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